Double Checking with Wait Staff

I really liked this post so I wanted to save it to share with my own pre-teen who is slowly learning how to manage her own food allergies. Never be afraid (or too shy) to “make a fuss”. -Good advice!

WhyRiskIt? Teen Allergy Blog

Originally when I was planning to write this blog, I thought that I would write some tips on how to keep safe with allergies when going out. However, since then I have gone out and had my own close call. Luckily, it didn’t end in a reaction, but it could have very well happened.

I was coming home from a skiing trip and we were staying in a hotel in Ottawa for the night. We were all very hungry and had no food to eat, so we decided to go out. We asked the front desk about restaurants in the area, and like always, being the only one with food allergies in my family, I got to choose the restaurant. I decided to go to a restaurant chain that I had eaten at before, although I had never been to this current location.

When we got to the restaurant the…

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