Passing the Torch

Okay. I’m gonna say it…  What if something happens to me?

Everyday in the news, and sometimes in our own lives, we are reminded that our time here is finite.  Heaven forbid, if something did happen to me, who would take care of my babies?  Would they know what to do?  I try to teach as much as I can, but at our house, and I’m sure many others, there are things that “Mom handles” that the rest of the family may not know much about.

If I am not here, will they know what brands are safe?  Where to find help?  What to look out for?  How to make my daughter’s favorite dinner the way I make it?

Golly jeepers it’s hard (and a tad depressing!) to write this post, but I want it to be here.  Not because I know or believe that something will happen to me, but if it does, like those sweet romantic movies where a letter is written sometimes years in advance, filled with love and great forethought, my blog will be here.  And hopefully help.  ❤