Skoop: Super Simple Superfood.


I’m sharing this with you all, not because I’m a great salesperson (ha!), but because I’ve found this “tiny scoop of awesome” that is “free of all of the ‘top 10 allergens’, and is not blended in a facility that packages nuts“.  Hooray!  I was originally searching for something to put in smoothies for the kids to add a punch of nutrition to their already limited diet.  Skoop is *not*, however, currently recommended for children under 75 pounds (or pregnant or nursing women).  So I tried it just for me.  And I LOVE it! I love the way I feel energized by it. I love knowing that I have done something good for myself by nourishing my body with super good stuff.  Seriously.  Vegetables, greens, fruits, fiber, omega 3s, probiotics, and antioxidants all in one scoop.  I mix it in my mid-morning smoothie with half a banana and 8 ounces of soymilk.  I find that I want less coffee, feel more energized, and have even used it pre-race for 13.1 miles of super.  Anyhow, it’s gluten free, caffeine free, non-GMO, organic, and only 50 calories per scoop.

 That is, in a nut-free nutshell, what I love about Skoop.  To find out more, visit